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Riding in the Zone Street and Off-Road Training
Join Ken for one or two-day on-street and off-road training. Increase your safety and confidence while enjoying the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Mass and Southern Vermont. Private and Group training options are available.
“I found the method of teaching and communicating via intercom during a ride is an absolute game changer for me. Every comment was directly relevant, and the impact immediate. Instead of guessing where the tipping in point was, or the apex, or the point to go to 2-clicks of gas, it was right there in my ear. Gone was the frustration of “I keep getting this wrong, and don’t know why” to a wow! feeling of that’s how I do it… now I’m going to do it on this next corner. “Rinse, and repeat”.”
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On-Street Training, Parking Lot Courses & Track Days

STREET Training Options

Become a safer, more confident motorcycle rider while touring some of the most challenging and scenic back roads of New England. Find out more.


Dual-Sport/ADV Training

This Dual-sport/Adventure Riding course introduces street riders to the world of off-road riding while increasing confidence! Find out more

Non-Sportbike Track Training Days

Join RITZ and Tony’s Track Days for the most exciting, fun and effective way to improve your control skills without the typical dangers of street riding! Find out more

The Books & Blog

Ken’s two books and blog are packed with information to help riders develop the physical and mental skills necessary to ride with more confidence and enjoyment. RITZ e-book, MRW hard copies are available. Find out more

A Short Video showing Riding in the Zone Training Options

See details about each option here.

A Video Review of Our Training Tours

Riding off the Slab host, Craig Ripley reviews his experience taking the 2-day RITZ/Stayin’ Safe training Tour.
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What an Average Rider Looks Like

Ken Condon follows an unsuspecting rider through some twisties and comments on what he sees.
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