ADV/Dual Sport/Off-Road Training

Are You Ready for Adventure?

This is an introduction to dual sport and off-road riding and is designed for the person who has ridden on the street, but is a newbie to off road riding. Provided Bluetooth helmet communicators allow immediate and meaningful coaching in real-time.

9:00- 4:00

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  • 1 day for small group of 3
  • Several miles of off-road riding.
  • Difficulty of the route is based on bike type and rider experience.
  • Must have street riding experience, but no off-road experience is required.
  • This is not for experienced off-road riders. For you folks, I recommend taking the Puget Sound Safety classes in the west coast or the BMW Off-Road Academy.
  • This course is appropriate for lightweight dual sport bikes (KLX, DRz, WR, XT).*
  • This course is also appropriate for Adventure bike riders (BMW GS, KTM Adventures, etc).*

What You’ll Learn

This training will consist of:

  • Parking lot maneuvers, both on pavement and dirt to practice body position and getting you used to the feel of your bike on unpaved roads.
  • A street and dirt road tour of the Eastern Berkshire hills with easy and moderately difficult terrain. Bluetooth communicators will be used.

Where Will We Ride?

We will be touring around my little bit of motorcycling heaven in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. The beautiful Berkshire foothills have miles and miles of killer motorcycling roads.
Rides will meet in or near Ashfield, MA.
NOTE: There is little cell service in the area.

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What you’ll Need
  • A street-legal dual-purpose motorcycle (see above).*
  • Full-coverage riding gear that is appropriate for off-road riding. Dedicated ADV or off-road gear is best, but quality street gear is okay, too. Full-faced street helmets, armored nylon jackets and riding pants are fine. Armored street boots are acceptable but I’d consider investing in off-road boots at some point.  I love my TCX X-Desert boots. Street gloves and mechanics gloves can work until you get real dirt gear.
  • Drinking water. You can bring a hydration system or a bag for carrying bottled water.


Training for individuals and small group courses:

3 riders, 1 Day: $600/person

Off-Road Training Tours are scheduled on weekdays.

See the Calendar HERE

Scholarships are available. 

Many insurance companies accept the Riding in the Zone completion certificate as proof of rider training that is eligible for insurance discounts.

Lodging and Food
Lodging and meals are not included. I recommend staying the night before. Many students stay at the Red Roof Inn in South Deerfield, MA. If there are no rooms available, click here for a list of local lodging.

Cancellation policy: Street, Dual Sport & Parking Lot Courses

No cancellation fee will be assessed if cancelled more than 30 days before the event. Minus $25.00 PayPal fee.

  • A $75.00 cancellation fee for cancellations closer than 7 days.

Specific situations may alter this policy.

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Riding in the Zone, LLC is insured by the Philadelphia Insurance Companies.AMASanctioned_4C_LtBack

Riding in the Zone, LLC

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