Advanced Parking Lot Course

Learn and practice advanced skills in a group setting

This parking lot training option is for riders wanting an introduction to advanced techniques.

The course features demonstrations and drills to help you learn and refine advanced body positioning, shifting, braking, throttle and cornering skills. We will also practice slow-speed maneuvers.

This course is for all levels of experienced riders with at least 1,000 miles under their belt. This is not for brand new riders. New riders should sign up for a basic rider course with their state motorcycle safety program.

9:00- 4:00  – (11:00-5:00 on Saturdays)

Cost $300.00

2024 Schedule

Advanced Parking Lot Course:


WGI, Inc.
34 Hudson Dr, Southwick, MA 01077

Take a right on Whalley Way and ride to the end. The parking lot is on your left.

There are hotels at the Westfield turnpike exit and many choices about 15 minutes away in West Springfield.

What You’ll Learn

  • Advanced Braking & Throttle Techniques
    • Throttle
    • Throttle/Brake Transitions
    • Emergency Braking
  • Body Positioning
  • Cornering Precision
    • Timing
    • Trailbraking
    • Vision
    • Advanced Countersteering
  • Slow Speed Maneuvers

1 Day Advanced Parking Lot Course for Groups of up to 10 Riders.

What to Bring

  • Your motorcycle, in good condition
  • Riding Gear (required at all times)
    • DOT-approved helmet
    • eye protection
    • long-sleeved shirt or motorcycle jacket
    • long pants (armored motorcycle pants preferred)
    • full coverage gloves
    • sturdy, over-the-ankle boots.
  • Standard WIRED earbud speakers for plugging into Sena Bluetooth units. I will have some to borrow.
  • Rain gear. We run rain or shine.
  • Lunch (as an alternative, you can make a run to Dunkin Donuts)
  • I supply water, but it’s good if you bring some of your own.

Scholarships are available. 

Many insurance companies accept the Riding in the Zone completion certificate as proof of rider training that is eligible for insurance discounts.

Please Read the Payment and Cancellation Policy Page.

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Riding in the Zone, LLC is approved by the Massachusetts Rider Education Program and  insured by the Philadelphia Insurance Companies.