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Which Course is Right for You?

Advanced Parking Lot Course

  • You want a affordable class that covers more intermediate-to-advanced skills that are useful for everyday riding, such as slow speed handling, trailbraking and emergency braking practice and more advanced cornering techniques.
  • You’ve taken the MSF Basic RiderCourse or have an equivalent level of skill.

On-Street Training

  • You want to learn at real speeds on real roads.
  • You want to learn strategies for managing blind corners.
  • You want to practice emergency braking from speed.
  • You want to learn trailbraking.
  • You want to ride safer and with more enjoyment.
  • You like the idea of real time, in-helmet coaching using provided communication systems.
  • You’ve been riding on the street for about 2,000 miles

Adventure/ Dual Sport Training

  • You want to experience off-road riding on your adventure bike or dual-sport motorcycle
  • You want to learn the basics of riding off-road, such as body position, vision, throttle and brake control.
  • You’ve been riding off-road but don’t quite know what you’re doing or why.
  • You’ve been riding on the street for about 2,000 miles but have no off-road experience.
  • You want to explore some cool dirt roads in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.

Non-Sportbike Training Days

  • You understand the benefits of learning in a controlled environment without the distractions and dangers of traffic and surface hazards.
  • You are a street rider who wants to learn motorcycle control techniques at real speeds.
  • You understand the benefits of repeating laps to help learn, practice and refine braking and cornering techniques
  • You want a combination of classroom lessons and the opportunity to immediately put the lessons into practice.
  • You want to increase your cornering and braking confidence.
  • You want to increase your knowledge and ability to control your motorcycle.
  • You want more confidence in your tires and motorcycle capabilities.
  • You want to practice braking from speed.
  • You want to learn trailbraking.
  • You want to learn more advanced body position and vision techniques.
  • You want to ride safer on the street and with more enjoyment.
  • You’ve been riding on the street for about 2,000 miles.

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In What Order?

Some ask what order they should take. I often recommend the parking lot course first and then either the Non-Sportbike Training Days (for bikes other than race-replic supersports) or On-Street Training next.

Street training focuses on practical strategies for managing cornering in the street environment.

The Non-Sportbike Training Days hone physical and vision skills through immersion, repetition and reinforcement.

Both are necessary for fully developing proficiency.

Take the ADV course anytime.

Scholarships are available through the BMW/MOA Foundation.

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