2022 Training Tour with Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures

Corsica, Sardinia and Tuscany Training Tour with
Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures
 May 15-29, 2022

I will be joining Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures again in 2022 as resident riding coach and tour companion to attendees. This year we will be on The Island Interlude Tour, visiting Corsica, Sardinia and the Italian region of Tuscany.

During the tour, I will be conducting group classroom sessions and sharing tips to those that want some individual attention. You will return home not only with great memories, but also with improved skills!

Coaching is included along with the usual benefits of a Beach’s tour.
Coaching is purely optional. I will only comment on your riding at your request.

See Beach’s website for details about this Tour and to Register

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Casual discussions

I will be available for casual conversations about techniques and strategies to help improve your safety and enjoyment.

Personal advice

I will spend some time riding with you at your request to observe and advise.

Daily Lessons

I’ll give a brief lesson at the beginning of the day to all participants and then send you off with an assignment. An example is trailbraking. We can followup at the end of the day to see how it went.

COVID notes: In the event that the tour is cancelled due to insurmountable issues with Covid regulations, you will be notified 45 days in advance and your tour deposit will be refunded.

Requirements for travel include proof of vaccination and may also include EU digital Covid certificates, clearance form and/or testing. Requirements are changing all the time.

About Beach’s Tours

Unlike many other tour operations, Beach’s sets you up to ride and explore at your pace. Each bike is equipped with a GPS that is pre-loaded with three or four route options so you can choose what you’d like to see, how challenging you’d like your day to be and how long you want to be in the saddle. Free days are scheduled that allow you a down day, or to go off on your own. Guided walking tours of cities are often part of Beach’s itinerary.

I want to wish Beach’s a happy 50th anniversary!

Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures