Non-Sportbike Training Days – NOISE Policy

LOUD Exhaust Policy

NOTICE! Palmer Motorsports Park enforces a strict noise limit. When you register, you will be asked to agree to only bring a motorcycle with sufficient baffling to pass the random sound measuring test.

Any motorcycle that is too loud will be not be allowed on the track.

How loud is too loud?

Most aftermarket exhausts are okay, but open pipes with no baffles will likely violate the restrictions. It is your responsibility to bring a motorcycle that will pass the sound meter test.

We cannot advise you on whether your particular bike will pass or not. If you have baffles, you’re probably okay.

Most systems can be outfitted with a DB killer or similar baffle. Google DB Killer

If you are “black flagged” for excessive noise, you will not be allowed to complete your day of riding. This is the track policy and there is nothing we can do about it.