Paul B. Scholarship

This scholarship can be used for Private Training, Group Training Tours, Advanced Parking Lot Courses, as well as Non-Sportbike Track Training Days.

Many students have benefited from the Paul B. Scholarship from the BMW/MOA Foundation.

You do not need to own a BMW, or be a member, but if you join the MOA for the modest membership fee and get the full $250.00 scholarship.

“The purpose of the Paul B. Scholarship is to award grants to individuals in the motorcycle riding community to assist them in pursuing rider education and training opportunities. The Foundation will award grants of up to $250.00 for MOA members, or up to $100.00 for non-members (neither amount to exceed the actual cost of the training), towards the cost of participation in an approved training course. A committee comprised of 3 Foundation Board members will review all requests submitted and exercise broad discretion in approving training proposals.”

BMW MOA scholarship, non-members are eligible to apply for a $100 scholarship towards the cost of an approved training program.  Better yet, if someone joins for a year, they are are eligible for up to $250 in annual scholarship funds.  The digital membership does count for an annual membership. The Foundation website has all membership Info.
You do not need to ride BMW bikes (but after being a member and experiencing the community, you just may become a BMW owner in time).

Note that the scholarship is not guaranteed.

CLICK HERE for more information and to apply.