Rash of Car Drivers Pulling Over for Me

So, in the last week, I have had more car drivers pull over to let me by than I have ever remembered in my 30+ years of street riding. I’m not tailgating or acting any different. I don’t ride with my high beams on, either. So, what is happening? I can’t know for sure, but I can’t help but think it is because of the publicity that the NYC fiasco has generated. Are drivers more afraid of motorcycle riders, because they saw what happened to the guy in the Land Rover?
Before you think that I’m being paranoid, consider the bad PR that motorcycling has had to endure over the last several decades. Now add to that a well-documented display of lawlessness and vigilantly-ism seen on the national news and all over the internet and you can imagine how Mr. and Mrs. Public may respond. They may figure that having a motorcycle rider behind them could actually be a potentially threatening situation. Hard to believe, but crazier things go through the minds of human beings, especially when they are behind the wheel.
This is not a commentary about the events that occurred in NYC, rather a musing about how the bad publicity will reverberate for months or years to come because of the actions of a relatively small number of motorcycle riders.
Not that I’m complaining. I love having people consider that perhaps I’d like to travel a bit faster than them through a twisty part of road. But, it sure makes me wonder what has changed all of a sudden. Have any of you experienced the same phenomenon of drivers pulling over more than usual?

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3 Replies to “Rash of Car Drivers Pulling Over for Me”

  1. This happened to me twice last week!? I like it, but hopefully they do it for the right reason, not out of fear? All I could think of was the NYC video, and wondered if these folks were newly fearful of motorcyclists? I always wave a “thank you” when a motorist gives me extra room, or the right of way, and do my best to be a positive ambassador for all of the 2-wheeled culture.

  2. I have absolutely noticed more drivers pulling over in the past week or so. I have also noticed that these drivers also had a tendency to slow down when I was behind them, be sure to use their signals and not make any sudden movements. I’m afraid this further supports your hypothesis of a “fear” of motorcycles. I always offer a friendly “thank you” wave once I am around them to possibly ease any tension they were feeling.

  3. I thought we were just getting lucky, ken! But I have definitely noticed the same. I throw a wave or a thumbs up and pass without a lot of noise or speed.

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