Installing Heated Grips

Sometimes, installing accessories can be really easy, or kinda a pain in the ass. However, having a good idea of what is involved and what tools you’ll need makes the process a whole lot easier. I’ve changed my share of handgrips in my motorcycling career and I’ve done a fair amount of simple wiring, but I’ve never combined both in one project, which is what is involved when installing heated handgrips.
I thought this video was worth posting for RITZ readers who are considering taking on this project. The grips featured in this video are from R&G, and sold by Twisted Throttle, but most heated grips will follow a similar procedure.

Here is a short article posted on the Twisted website that shows a few photos of the R&G grips.
You’re welcome.

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  1. Good video! One small suggestion if I may. You might not need to cut off your grips ruining them. They might come in handy another time. To get them off in one piece, try (very carefully) compressed air from a thin nozzle blown between the bar and grips. I’ve used this technique many times with good results.

    1. You’re right Jeff. I’ve removed many grips without cutting them off. I use the WD-40 and long Phillips screwdriver trick. I get the screwdriver in there and then stick the spray tube alongside it, spray as little as I need to while rotating the screwdriver and presto. It leaves a little lubricant, which needs to be cleaned off, but it works great. Thanks for the feedback.

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