Product Review: MRA X-creen Add-on Spoiler Blade

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Product Review: MRA X-creen Add-on Spoiler Blade

The MRA X-creen (yep, it’s spelled without an “s”) is a spoiler blade that either clamps or bolts onto your existing windscreen. I bought the MRA for additional wind protection on my Sprint RS street bike, but soon figured out that it works great clamped to the flyscreen of my Triumph Street Triple track bike. I can adjust it upward for colder days and when my neck gets tired from windblast. I can also move it downward for maximum airflow on warm days.

MRA X-creen TOUR clamp-on
MRA X-creen TOUR clamp-on

MRA X-creen SPORT clamp-on
MRA X-creen SPORT clamp-on

The X-creen comes in two sizes, the smaller Sport version and the taller and wider Tour version. The larger Tour model comes specifically with either clamps or bolt-on hardware. Both models are available in clear or smoke. I have the clear version for my Sprint RS and smoke for my Street Triple.

Installing the X-creen

Option 1: Clamp-on, Clamp-off

Assembling the adjustment mechanism to the spoiler blade is pretty easy. You have to first decide whether you want to use the clamps (this is what I use) or use the bolt-on hardware for a permanent installation. The clamp-on version allows you to move the blade from one bike to another. The clamp hardware is really nicely made and utilizes rubber inserts that will not scratch your windscreen (or paint in the case of my Street Triple’s flyscreen).
Assembling the clamps involves placing the pivoting locking mechanism in the ends of the adjustment arms. This takes only a few minutes.
No, the clamp-on version will not go flying off as soon as you hit highway speeds. As a matter of fact, I’ve done 130 mph (on the racetrack of course) and the blade stayed securely in place. See the video below for proof!
General Installation Instructions can be found HERE.

Option 2: Drill Baby, Drill!

If you choose to bolt the blade on permanently, you’ve got more work to do. Specifically, you’ll have to drill two holes in your existing windscreen. The kit comes with a template for locating the holes. If this makes you queasy, Twisted Throttle sells MRA replacement windscreens with the X-creen already bolted on for specific bikes. Even though replacement screens cost a bit more, some people may feel better having MRA do the drilling and installing at the factory.
Installation instructions for drilling can be found HERE.
If you decide later to use the X-creen on a different bike, but don’t want to drill any holes, you can convert a bolt-on screen to a clamp on screen using a special conversion hardware kit. Note that this is for the TOUR version only. The SPORT version comes with both clamp-on and bolt-on hardware.
Four videos on how to install the X-creen can be found on the Twisted Throttle Product Page.

How Does it Look?

The X-creen is unobtrusive, and dare I say, I think it’s even attractive, especially on the Sprint RS where it fits nicely on the stock screen and isn’t out of place on this sport touring bike.
On the Street Triple, it is a bit less graceful looking, but I think it looks as good or even better than many other windscreen options, including the Triumph factory flyscreen visor kit, which requires you to drill the flyscreen (Yuck), almost completely covers it over (why did I buy a flyscreen to begin with?), and doesn’t add very much wind protection. Oh, and it’s kinda spendy.
But, judge for yourself. Here are some photos of the MRA X-creen on a Ducati Multistrada, my Triumph Sprint RS, and my Triumph Street Triple R.

The X-creen mounted on a 2007 Ducati Multistrada. Model: Jeannine Condon
The X-creen mounted on a 2007 Ducati Multistrada.

The X-creen mounted on my Sprint RS
The X-creen mounted on my 2000 Sprint RS

The X-creen mounted on my Street Triple R track bike.
The X-creen mounted on my Street Triple R track bike.

Adjusting the X-creen

Adjusting the screen when it’s new requires some rough handling…sort of like when you replace face shields on Arai helmets: you feel like you’re going to break the ratcheting mechanism, but it’s okay…that’s just the way it is. Thankfully, after a bit of use, the mechanism loosens up and I can now adjust the screens while sitting on the bike (not while moving of course). All you do is turn the teardrop-shaped locks until they are pointed sideways and grab both sides of the screen and rotate into the position you want. The adjustability is almost infinite.

The X-creen in the upper position. (it can go higher, still)
The X-creen in the upper position.

The X-creen in the lower position.
The X-creen in the lower position.

The X-creen clamp-on mounts.
The X-creen clamp-on mounts.

A view from the saddle.
The X-creen from the saddle.

How Does It Work?

Once positioned, rotate the locks and the screen won’t move. Trust me! I’ve been using the X-creen on the racetrack all season and it doesn’t move even at 130mph! See the X-creen in action in the video below.

As far as wind noise goes, The Sport version seems to be perfect for the Sprint. I do notice a bit more wind noise with the blade set vertically, but simply tipping it back a bit makes any wind noise go away. I’ve never felt any buffeting, at all. The fact is that the X-creen is so easy to adjust and has almost infinite positions that if I ever had excessive noise or buffeting, I’d simply try a slightly different position. I love having that versatility.

So, there you have it. The MRA Sport X-creen is a great accessory that offers a tone of versatility to you touring, sport touring, adventure or sport bike. It retails for $114.99 from Twisted Throttle.
Let me know what your opinion is of this product. And ask me any questions you have about the X-creen by posting in the comment section below. I’ll reply so everyone can benefit.

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10 Replies to “Product Review: MRA X-creen Add-on Spoiler Blade”

  1. I’ve used the MRA Vario windscreens in the past on my 02 FZ1 to excellent effect. I am currently using one on my 05 650 V-Strom and am very happy with the wind deflection results, and perhaps more importantly, wind noise as well. An excellent product.

    1. I haven’t ridden with the Wunderlich. But I will say it that the MRA allows the widest possible amount of adjsutability that I’ve seen. The wind noise is minimal on the Sprint, but if it was loud, it is simple enough to adjust the height and angle until it was just right. The Tour version is wider and taller for larger bikes. Sorry I can’t make a direct comparison, and I wasn’t able to find a comparison anywhere on line, either.

  2. Ken,
    I can imagine the wind protection at tuck-in position. But what about up-right riding let say highway 70-80mph. Do you feel the difference, talking about buffeting around head and chest.

  3. Ken,
    Did you do anything specific to anchor your X-creen onto your fly-screen beyond the mounting brackets they provided (IE did you wire tie anything, etc)? I have this x-creen and I have a trackday planned for 4/25/15 at Shenny at Summit Point. I want to make sure I don’t lose my screen or anything!

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