Advanced Rider Training

Trained Motorcycle Riders Have More Fun!

Experience the joy that comes from riding a motorcycle really well.

Riding in the Zone Street and Off-Road Training
Increase your safety and confidence while enjoying the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Mass and Southern Vermont. Private and Group training options are available.

Private and Group Street Training

Private and Group On-street training helps you become a more confident motorcycle rider while touring twisty back roads.

Dual-Sport/ADV Introductory Training

This Dual-sport/Adventure Riding course introduces street riders to the world of off-road riding while increasing confidence!

Non-Sportbike Track Training Days

An exciting, fun and effective way to improve your control skills without the typical dangers of street riding!

Advanced Parking Lot Training

Increase overall riding confidence by learn cornering , braking and slow-speed handling techniques in a group setting.

Riding in the Zone Advanced Rider Training is a unique learning opportunity that is conducted on the street, not a parking lot!  Your coach is non-other than author, journalist and veteran motorcycle instructor, Ken Condon.

“Rhythm”, “Flow,” “The Zone”…call it what you will. It’s that often illusive  feeling of being one with your bike and the road. You can’t chase it, it has to come to you.

Courses are held on the traffic-free, twisty tarmac in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Mass and Southern Vermont. Choose from one-day or two-day on-street and off-road training tours. Private and Group training options are available.

“I’ve worked with hundreds of riders. Ask any one of them how advanced street training has increased their sense of control, confidence and yes, enjoyment. Come ride with me and I give you expert coaching delivered in real-time through provided bike-to-bike communicators. Let me show you how you can get the most enjoyment possible from your riding.”

Ken Condon gives instruction to motorcycle rider during a safety course

“I found the method of teaching and communicating via intercom during a ride is an absolute game changer for me. Every comment was directly relevant, and the impact immediate. Instead of guessing where the tipping in point was, or the apex, or the point to go to 2-clicks of gas, it was right there in my ear. Gone was the frustration of “I keep getting this wrong, and don’t know why” to a wow! feeling of that’s how I do it… now I’m going to do it on this next corner. “Rinse, and repeat”.”
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