1-day Training Course – August 21, 2020


Friday, August 21, 2019

Increase your safety and confidence while touring the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Mass and Southern Vermont. Join Ken on this special FRIDAY one day training tour. Limited to three participants. Details below.
*A $25.00 discount for previous Stayin’ Safe or Riding in the Zone on-street students (contact Ken for details on obtaining this discount)
Scholarships are available through the BMW/MOA Foundation. Safety course Insurance discounts usually apply. Check with your agent.
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Limited to 3 Riders

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Course Description

Friday, August 21, 2019

This is a ONE DAY version of the trademark two-day Riding in the Zone Road Training  based on the nationally recognized Stayin’ Safe Advanced Rider Training course. The course is held on lightly traveled roads that wind through bucolic New England scenery. Our route includes various challenges ranging from hairpin turns to long, open sweepers that are suitable for most experience levels. Expect rolling and twisting roads with many blind turns and some rollercoaster hills.

Our day begins with a breakfast meeting in or nearby Ashfield, MA, followed by an hour or so of closed course drills. The rest of the day includes our road training through the northern Berkshires of Massachusetts and the Southern Green Mountains of Vermont. During our day we coach you using bike-to-bike communicators to help you become a safer and more confident rider.
At about 4:00 PM and after an average of about 150 miles, we debrief before the group heads toward their respective destinations.


  • Personal training with real-time coaching using Sena rider to-rider communicators
  • Road Training through the hidden Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont.
  • Video of you riding.

Lodging and Food
Lodging and meals are not included in one-day tours. Unlike the two-day tours, you are responsible for your own lodging and meals. Unless you live nearby, I strongly suggest you stay the night before at the Ox and Rabbit B&B. Save 10% with discount code zone10. If there are no rooms available, click here for a list of local lodging.

What You’ll Learn

  • Slow Speed Maneuver Techniques
  • Emergency Braking
  • Visual Targets (Reading the Road)
  • Lane Position
  • Body Position
  • Cornering Precision
    • Cornering Lines
    • Timing
    • Identify visual clues to increase cornering safety and confidence

Where Will We Ride?

We will be touring around my little bit of motorcycling heaven in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. The beautiful Berkshire foothills have miles and miles of killer motorcycling roads.
Rides will meet in or near Ashfield, MA.
NOTE: There is no cell service in Ashfield to speak of.
This is what you can expect when riding in the Berkshire HIlls.
This is what you can expect when riding in the Berkshire Hills.

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Click here for a list of local lodging.


  • About one season (3,000 miles) of experience.
  • You must have a current motorcycle endorsement, as well as a legally insured and registered motorcycle.
  • You must also sign a liability waiver

What to Bring

  • Riding Gear (required at all times)
    • DOT-approved helmet
    • eye protection (windshields do not count as eye protection)
    • motorcycle jacket,
    • long pants (armored motorcycle pants preferred)
    • full coverage gloves
    • sturdy, over-the-ankle boots.
  • Standard 3.5mm earbuds. Optional for use with Sena Bluetooth communicators.
  • Sena bluetooth or mesh communicator if you have one already.
  • Rain gear. Tours run rain or shine.
  • Enough layers (or electric jacket liner) for cool temperatures.
  • USB Thumb drive that is at least 16Gb free capacity for video

Skill Level

Road Training help riders increase confidence and enjoyment in real-world conditions. However, this is not a course for raw beginners! Students are wise to take the MSF Basic RiderCourse or have an equivalent level of skill before signing up. A good guideline is having ridden at least a season (about 3,000 miles).
Personal one-on-one On-Street Training Tours are available where I can customize a training program based on your skill level that will ensure satisfaction.


We will be riding at moderate street speeds and enjoying a street ride through some beautiful countryside with awesome twisty roads. If you want to learn to ride fast in a safe environment, I am available for Track Day Personalized Instruction at Tony’s Track Days.

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The Riding in the Zone, LLC Motorcyclist Training Program is  supported by the American Motorcyclist Association and the Massachusetts Rider Education Program (MREP). Scholarships are available through the BMW/MOA Foundation.
Riding in the Zone, LLC is chartered and insured through the American Motorcyclist AssociationAMASanctioned_4C_LtBack


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