Riding in the Zone Advanced Training GIFT CARD- $600.00


Redeemable toward a Personal Training Tour, Dual Sport/Off-road Tour, Weekend Training Tour or Parking Lot Course.
When scheduling a personal tour or signing up for a pre-scheduled tour, please include the name of purchaser in an email to Ken. ken-at-ridinginthezone.com


Riding in the Zone Advanced Training GIFT CARD- $600.00 – The cost of a full day of Group Training.
This is the full cost of a personal day with Ken, either on-street, off-road (or a bit or both). It’s customized for you!
When redeeming, please have recipient reference purchaser name when emailing Ken to register for selected course or private day. ken-at-ridinginthezone.com
Click the image to print out the card image.

Other amounts are available:
$275.00-  The cost of one advanced parking lot course.

Click Here for Individual Training Options (1 or 2 riders)

Click Here for Group Training Options

The Riding in the Zone, LLC Motorcyclist Training Program is  supported by the American Motorcyclist Association and the Massachusetts Rider Education Program (MREP). Scholarships are available through the BMW/MOA Foundation.
Riding in the Zone, LLC is chartered and insured through the American Motorcyclist AssociationAMASanctioned_4C_LtBack

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