Speaker Rates

Event participation generally falls under three categories:

  1. Small Event Speaker:   (Usually 30-60 minutes)
  2. Keynote Speaker. (Usually 30-60 minutes)
  3. 1/2 day:  Includes presentation and one seminar

Rate Range

My rates fall under the moderate range of between $600 for short presentations with no overnight stay to $10,000 for large, multi-day seminar-type events. A reduced price is available for charity events and smaller local groups. Contact Me.
Custom Presentations may cost more than existing presentations, depending on the extent of the customization.

Travel and Expenses

Travel expenses for events within 250 miles from Ashfield, MA include .60 per mile, parking fees and may include paying for an overnight stay.
Rates are in addition to travel, car or bike rental, meal and hotel accommodations.  It is possible to cut costs if you have an acceptable bike or vehicle for me to borrow (or pick up from the airport) and a place for me to stay that costs you little or nothing (no couches, please).
All expenses and fees will require approval from an authorized person and advanced payment is required.

Other Expenses

Riding drill events require a safe riding area and liability insurance provided by the event organizers. Lunch for your participants is also provided by organizers.

Your Budget

Knowing your budget helps me to help you. That way, I can send you a proposal with 2 to 5 choices that match your budget. We can work something out.

Please Contact Me to discuss your needs and to get your event on my schedule.


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