Harley-Davidson's Dark Days

Harley-Davidson sold these Aermacchi models in the 1970s
Harley-Davidson sold these Aermacchi models in the 1970s

Harley history is rich in tradition, but there were times when the brand suffered from some serious PR problems. The AMF years embody many of those problems. This bike was seen at my town’s annual tag sale. It’s a H-D Aermacchi SX350, I believe. Not sure of the year. Maybe one of you can tell us?
I don’t know much about value of vintage motorcycles like this, but it seems like this model would be a logical addition to a collector’s garage, as a representation of the dark days of Harley history.

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  1. If you know where that motorcycle is, I’d buy it. These are starting to go for big money because of their popularity in the USCRA and the MotoGiro especially. The 250s are more valuable than the 350s due to MotoGiro Eligibility.
    Being both Italian and American you check two boxers with collectors at the same time. They’re also, actually, pretty good bikes.

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