Proficiency Pledge


I included this pledge in the post about Tommy Aquino, but thought it was worth making it a standalone post.
Earlier this past year, I included a pledge in one of my MCN columns to encourage readers to think about their responsibility to be the best they can be.
Take this pledge for yourself AND for the ones who love you. If you won’t commit to safe riding for yourself, then think of your loved ones who will grieve your demise if you die or be forced to clean your oozing wounds and look at your disfigured face if you live, but didn’t wear your riding gear. Just sayin’

Proficiency Pledge

  1. I will expand my knowledge of motorcycling safety and control through continual reading, and by taking a formal safety/skills course.
  2. I will continue to practice my physical skills to keep them sharp.
  3. I will develop mental strategies for managing traffic and other hazardous situations.
  4. I will never ride while intoxicated or impaired in any way.
  5. I will choose not to ride if my ability to manage hazards is compromised.
  6. I will choose not to ride with others who do not share my commitment to safety.
  7. I will wear protective gear on every ride.

Feel free to add your own points. Also, feel free to copy this pledge and print it out.*
Then sign it, hang it on your garage wall, and give a copy to each of the people who care about you.
©Ken Condon 2014 *Anyone wanting to distribute this pledge to the public should contact me for permission. This includes Facebook. Credit must be given to me with a link to this post. Thanks.
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2 Replies to “Proficiency Pledge”

  1. Hi just wanted to say thanks for the info you post on this site .i found it while web surfin and it this article hit close.
    Last few months ive been really uneasy about riding after lowside..after thinkn it thru i commited to many of these points already. This list just cements how serious this sport is . I cant wait to get to the track

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